can i give zakat to my elder brother : LUSENET : Zakbt : One Thread

he is doing very small buisness.very difficult for him to survve with his family with four children.

-- mohd.sarfaraz anwar khan (, November 06, 2003


Salamalekum, we live in egypt poorly, I get the money for food from my parents from germany. I know, that business is in some countries a different thing, not like in germany... We also have a business, we repair cars and tyres and we cannot survive with our three children. You have to pay the zakat for your brother !!! There is a hadith , that you have to pay out your zakat firstly for familymembers, and that you will even get more HASSANA for your payment ! So, do it better today, to relieve his proverty !!! I will do a doa for you and your brother, inschaallah. Salam, your sister in islam, sara.

-- Heike Gutsche(sara) (, September 12, 2004.

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