Lenz LE062XF Programming Problems

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Please pardon my novice ignorance, I'm an accountant and unfortunately not an engineer. So much of the programming required with DCC is quite confusing. But to sum up...I have laid and tested my track and wiring, and thoroughly cleaned my track. I have a Digitrax Super Empire Builder on a small 4x8 N scale layout. I have been attempting to get an Atlas SD-50 up and running with limited success. I initially programmed a 4 digit address using the DT400's keypad. The loco did respond to the throttle, but required almost 100% power to run at a reasonable speed. Also, the lights did not function. Reading further along in the Digitrax manual, I saw that there were several other CV's that define this loco's performance. On the Lenz website I was able to downloan a pdf of the manual for this decoder. I finally was able to figure out how to program these other CVs, but I must have screwed something up because now the loco will not respond at all. All this being said, I have several questions. I hope a good soul has the time and patience to guide me here. And thanks in advance for your help.

1. The LE062XF manual shows a table of CVs with descriptions, ranges and settings. Do I simply enter the setting values using the DT400 keypad? In decimal format?

2. Is there a way for me to see, via the DT400's LCD, what the "current" values for this decoder are? I think I've read and reread the Digitrax manual enough to have found it, but I still cannot find it anywhere in section 15.

3. Is there a way for me to reset the CV values to the original factory default settings?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again.

-- Ron Petrich (ronpetrich@yahoo.com), November 05, 2003


Well good news! After scouring many forums it was suggested that these Atlas/Lenz decoders had to be programmed in direct mode with Digitrax equipment. I also switched to 2 digit addresses, and all 3 seem to work well now. I'm still not sure if I can use the extended addressing. I'll try one loco later and see.


-- Ron Petrich (ronpetrich@yahoo.com), November 06, 2003.

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