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A soldier with the 4th Infantry Division was killed and another wounded in an explosion of an makeshift bomb near Tikrit, the U.S. Central Command said Monday.I was saddened yesterday to see 18 dead bodies of US soldiers being transfered from Germany to the USA.

I am getting deeply concerned with the ever rising number of US soldiers that are being killed in Iraq. I hear the US government is contemplating sending more troops to the already unsafe death trap.

1)What is the AME Church's position / opinion on this matter.Should the US go ahead and send more troops to Iraq?

2)Are'nt there other diplomatic solutions which can be employed to restore order in Iraq by the US other than by sending more troops.

3)What guarantee is on the horizon on the safety of US soldiers on the Iraq soil.

Moslems have in my opinion declared a holy war against the US by invading their land and they will do all sorts of suicide attempts to stop any meaningful way of rebuilding Iraq until they are left alone. Something ought to be done to save American soldiers.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2003


Like run away? Oh that's a great idea. Nothing will encourage the terrorists like showing cowardice. Osama bin Laden has stated that our tuck tail and run from Mogadishu encouraged him greatly. He also said that our launching of a few cruise missiles after an earlier attack showed him we're afraid to take casualties. Saddam said before the first Gulf War that we are not a nation that can stand 20,000 casualties in one day.

Our enemy's strategy is clear: Kill as many Americans as possible in hopes that the weak element in our population will demand we run away. I read recently that many Iraqis are terrified of a Bush defeat because they feel they'll be abandoned, or turned over to the U.N., an organization that has shown itself incompetent in protecting civilians (Rwanda, Bosnia).

This American is made of sterner stuff. If we leave we'll be dishonoring the graves of those who have died so far, and encourage our enemies greatly.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2003

If we could have it our way, not one US Soldier would have to die in any war, police action, etc. But the fact remains that every soldier, sailor, airman, or marine takes the same oath that they will obey the orders of the Commander-In-Chief and the officers assigned over them. Some will die in combat; the purpose of our Armed Forces is to fight and win our wars. Pray for the families of the dead and for the wounded and thier families. BE blesed

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2003

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