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I work for a county government. They are giving out sick leave letters to people who use over 56 hours of sick leave. (Background) We get four hours of sick leave per pay period, which comes out to 109.2 hours. We work 12 hours per shift. When we take sick leave which go's over the 56 hours we get a sick letter. If we take any more sick time off we get a second letter. The second letter states that we can not work overtime. This letter or letters is also placed in are file. I there a labor code section other then 234 & 233 to cover this. One more question I have 772 hours of sick leave. If I take sick leave for more then 72 hours I should get a sick leave letter. What can I or anyone else do about this letter think.

Thank you in advace. Starman

-- Jim Esquivel (, November 03, 2003


i have to write the boss about some problesms.

-- Ramesh K. Naundla (, February 08, 2005.

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