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Can anyone tell me anything about Hawaii Pacific University? Of course the school makes it sound great, but I'd like to know from someone who'll give it to me straight. Are the kids spoiled and rich? Are they stuck up rich kids who want a degree? Or are they smart, on the whole? Are the dorms that bad, or should I go with renting a hotel room for a whole semester from Cadmus Properties? Is Kaneohe a million miles away from the fun and action of Waikiki? Is it known as a "party school" or do they really care about academics like I do? I also got accepted to Chaminade. How is it there? I know it's Catholic, but are the kids all devout and stuff or do they like to party? ANY info will be greatly appreciated, as I've been searching in vain for a while. Thanks so much!

-- Amber Quisenberry (, November 03, 2003

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