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How does death relate to the Fall of Usher? I really need an answer like super quick b/c I have to have a one page paper over this written by tommorrow.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2003


after the death of Madeline, Roderick become more afraid because he think that he would also soon dies. By burryng her sister in the vault, he think that it would prevent him from death. this ritual is like a form of magic that will prevent him from death. he is very obsessed of death and tries to find answer on books. but, as the matter of fact, those books only increase his anxiety.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2003

Death relates to the Fall of The House of Usher in that when it falls, whoever is beneath it gets crushed to death.

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2003

I was browsing the internet looking for quotes when i found your question. I am pleased because i am taking a 1/2 year poe seminar with a real intelegent english teacher who has studied poe for 40 years and i imagine has read the damn story at least 40 or more times. I have read the house of usher 3 times and i can tell you my answer is different from the others. But you will find that every one who has either only read or studied poes work will get somthing quite different. Because as you know there is always five different meanings to his stories. Although you have already written your paper, ill give you the best answer i can. Throughout the whole story, Usher knows he is going to die. Madiline and himself are the last remaining of an entire race of ushers over centeries. Yet the Ushers before them had dealt with the super natural (witch are some of those books in the library). Evil things they involved themselfs in, caused corruption and death to all nature out side the house. Oddly enough the fog outside the house is from the dead plants inturn is slowly poisoning whome ever breaths it in, (Usher and Mad). Its a revenge thing. Usher himself is very sensitive(sight sound touch, tast) and madiline is slowely dying. When usher berries her alive, he has already for seen what is going to happen. He knows that this is how it must end and the dying race of Ushers will come to an end.She will die of exaughstion, and he will die from fear. Also mention Usher and the house is one and the same, the more Usher is falling apart, so does the house.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2003

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