I have to write a story in the style of poe!!!!!!!

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I have to write a short story in poe's style of writing, got any samples or help?

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2003


Well, Poe's writings should be the sample, "The Tell-Tale Heart" being the simplest classic perhaps.

If you want a challenge try something I did myslef. Poe's last unfinished tale could be completed with what you know about Poe. Here's some help with research. The Isles of Moskene and Skye off of Norway give the background for the brutal storms off the North Atlantic also serving as the scene for "Descent into the Maelstrom". During that year there was a lighthouse disaster for which I can find no details. The political situation of Norway is referred to and the structure of the lighthouse being ominously fragile, chalk such as at the lighthouse on Montauk, Long Island.

This fragment can be found at www.eapoe.org among other places entitled "The Lighthouse", but Poe had no title for it as of yet. Consider his mood at this late period of his life in such poems as "Annabel Lee" or "hop Frog". The sense of isolation and foreboding peril at this boundary of nature seems to bode ill for the narrator as in Poe's first success "Ms. Found in a Bottle". Let Poe himself start you off. I finished that tale myself for my novel about Poe.

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2003

Well, first off can you think of what Poe is famous for? He is the Master of Macabre - it shouldn't be too hard to slip into his mind.

Think of the Tale-Tale Heart, become a helper that is obsessed with your boss - change it to modern times. What would possess you to kill and how would you hide the evidence. And finally - what would possess you to hear the beating of his heart while talking to the authorities? How would you turn yourself in?

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2003

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