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Hello and thank you for all the great information I've gleened from your site. I'm 43, and learned after receiving high-dose IV steroids for 11 days round-the-clock followed by four months of po steroids and no diagnosis that I now have multi-focal AVN (knees are post-decompression and grafting and have now collapsed) - involves bilateral knees, wrist, fluid in both hips now and bursitis or synnovitis in nearly every joint pair bilaterally. Most days I can walk with great pain.

I have just learned from my cardiologist that due to my very slow heartrate, bilateral lung effusions and generally weak condition, my knee replacements will not be possible for now, and might become a surgery of last resort due to my cardiac problems of late. I cannot see myself wheelchair-bound, unable to walk.

Has anyone out there tried with success any form of brace or device to stabilize their knees until surgery can be performed? I would be willing to try anything if I thought it would work. Again, I am post-core and grafting to both knees with the best surgeon in the world, DSH, yet even he cannot help me if I cannot have anesthesia. Any comfort devices you might have used with any level of success? Sharing your experiences would be greatly appreciated!

JoAnn in Virginia, mother of four young sons

-- JoAnn C. Trotman (, October 26, 2003

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