I want to attend Burning Man in 2004 but I would like to start a dialouge with someone about the event to answer some more of my personal questions. I know as much as i am able to read on the internet and through the main website, however it would be nice to talk to someone more directly about it. I also have questions about art ideas i have for the upcoming Burning Man. Please, if someone would be kind enough to help me sort out my questions I would be forever grateful...please be in touch.

-- Lisa Baumgartner (, October 26, 2003


Recommend meeting other Burners and connecting with neo-tribalists on

-- Sobey Wing (, June 28, 2004.

its an ancient celtic ritual going back pre christian times where a giant wickerman type structure was built and people (women, criminals etc) were sacrificed to the ancient 'worm god' (worm posibly meaning dragon) called Crom Cruach. Usually a virgin priestess was laid out in the head of the structure as the main sacrifice and this was to be an honour for her to die and become his bride. This is only a basic synopsis of the ritual of course but its pretty much the over view of what it was. The new rage is just some crazy californians borrowing part of the idea for a rock festival and an excuse to have a giant orgy of drugs ,sex and booze, not unlike what went on a the original. The old celts knew how to party big style.

-- (mick@gain.etc), March 20, 2004.

The person to see about buneres and activities in New Mexico is Jonathan Wolfe. There is a big regional burn coming up in a couple months called 3sidedwhole. His email address is,

The website is,

-- Gary Taylor (, March 10, 2004.

Try connecting with you regional community. Join the local Burner email discussion list and attend some of the local events. That is the absolute best way to find out about the event and prepare for it. Go to this link and click on your state to find a contact.

-- Gary Taylor (, March 09, 2004.

We may be on the same path, the crowds that gather at these events are unlike drainbowers and L.A. ravers. Small enclaves of Neo- Tribalists forming in the wake. Sense of community, friendships, and of course the one reason we go chance circumstance and that mornin' sunrise with new allies. Respond if you like I'm here searching for a group in New Mexico, Taos Solar Tribe and I haven't found em' sinse last Burning Man. Good luck be groovy. Try Key Words "neo-tribalists America" we are the new hippies with the foresight gained from lost revolutions.


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