Urgent Prayer Request!

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As many of you know the wild fire are burning out of control in the san bernadino area of California which in in the fifth district. Our Bishop and Dr.Cee are in L.A. Below is a prayer request from Licentiate Dorislene Huges. Please everybody, pray and put this request on your church prayers chain. Below in her own words. The prayer request from Licentiate Dorislene Hughes.

As this is being typed the Hughes Family is packing and getting ready to evacuate our home. We can see a bellowing fire coming down the mountain approximately three miles from our home.

Many of the members of St. Paul AME Church, San Bernardino have already sought refuge in shelters.

We need your prayers for this part of God's country We trust in God to get us safely out of this area when it is time to evacuate. Therefore, please help us to go to Christ our Savior as we cry out to him for mercy on all those who have lost their homes thus far. And for those of us in danger of losing our homes but not our lives! Amen!

The damage is deplorable as the news media has advised the numerous fires throughout San Bernardino, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga have been set by possible arsons.

We need your earnest prayers now. For from the natural eye it does not look good. However, from my spiritual eyes, Go can make it look better! Our God is able! More than that He is willing for we are asking, seeking and knocking at the door for rivers of water to begin to drench the fires. Both Pastor Hughes and my cars are partially covered with ash from the fires. You can smell smoke in the air. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to leave.

We praise God for Your prayer support as we go through another storm that God is going to handle.

Prayerfully yours,

Members of St. Paul AME Church, San Bernardino, CA and dorisalene Hughes, Rev. Hughes, Alicia Hughes and Baby Brookelyn

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2003


Thank you for posting this Rev. Rogers. The air quality is unbearable. Please don't stop praying until God releases you on our behave. I am asking in the likeness of Paul in Ephesians 6:18. Pray for Gods' movement to be swift and air quality returns. Thank you Felicia

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2003

My beloved sister Felicia, I just sent out a prayer request to several of our Bishops asking for prayers for all of you. I will continue to pray! We in Montana went through forest fires in August. And it was prayers from the fifth district that protected us as we literally drove through a fire to get to annual conference in seattle. The prayers protected us.

We we in Montana did, those who are asthmatic or have lung disease doctors were called and extra meds were ordered. all windows were kept shut. We made list of things we needed at the store so we would not have to make more than one trip outside. Pack important papers now! Checkd in elderly and sick in churches to make sure they were all right. Make sure you know where your nearest shelter is. Stock up on candles and flashlights in case fire burns through electrical lines and you have no electricity. (we experienced that in Montana) When you to to the store buy non perishable foods, ask yourself, "can I eat this if the gas and electricity goes out?" buy an old fashion can opener. PEANUT BUTTER IS A LIFE SAVER!

Read the bible out loud! Particularly the Psalms, hearing the spoken word is calming and reinforces what you have read it also helps the family.

Many of our firefighters from Montana are now in california and they are some of the best in the world. The australian firefighters will be arriving soon also. They are experts in wildfires for they have so many in australia.

California is designated as a level I fire situation. Every top notch fireteam from across the country are either there or are on their way. FEMA is on board as is the Red Cross. The reserve officers from the arm forces are being called out. Indian firefighters are being called in and they are some of the expert firefighters many of their top notch teams have lots of women on them. Help is on it's way!! And God is on top of all of this!

My daughter and I are on the disaster team of the Red Cross and so we know the drill. You may even get to see my daughter Danielle out there. As of yet the Red Cross has not issued a call for the national disaster team. My daughter is on the national team. I am not. I am on the local team.

Bro. Don Guidry the husband of Presiding Elder Carolyn Guidry worked for many years on the disaster team in California and will be an invaluable support to the ame church.

I am only an email away and know the denomination is praying. I am also asking that we pray for rain and for the winds to die down. Let us claim the victory for God!

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2003

Father God, The One who knows all and sees all. Right now I come before you to pray for the fire condition in California. There have been many who have lost homes and love ones. I pray that your Holy Spirit will comfort those families. I pray for the firefighters and all persons who are battling this fire in California. Give them the support and strength that will be needed to do thier jobs. I also pray for all who are in the path of the fire. Minimize the danger and lost. This prayer is for all who live, work and have family and freinds in the Southern California area.

In Jesus Name. Amen

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2003

I am in prayer for all of the families that have been devastated by this tragedy. I cannot imagine what it is like seeing all that you have go up in flames. May they be comforted with what is preserved and know that the "things" are just that, but life and health and family and friends are most important.

I pray for the families of the ones that have died as a result of the fires.. Loss of a loved one is always difficult to grasp. The devil's goal is to kill, steal and destroy, may he be robbed on total victory. May this time of sorrow draw you close to the Lord.

I ask Gods strength, protection and wisdom for the many firefighter, who are themselves victims.

I pray for the individual (s) who caused this fire, if it was accidental that person has to be in agony, it it was intentional the person(s) is under the influence of Satan, in both caes, God is the only answer.

I pray for those of us who are not directly affected, may we be moved with such compassion that we freely give of our time, talent and other resources to help those in need.

Finally, I pray for a calming of the winds and rain.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2003

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