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how can i build a gas scooter with a lawnmower engine

-- kevin murray (, October 24, 2003


MMK, I am sure this has been answered a lot, but if I were you (which I have done this for a friend) I wouldn't use a lawn mower engine. Youll never find a Go-Ped over ~2HP. At fully running speed (if you are fast and weigh a lot) you'll never put out more than 1.2 HP or so. You should use a 2.2HP weed wacker engine that burns oil. Use the red weed wachers that burn oil because 9 times out of 10 its doing it out the carb and all you have to do is reseal/rebuild/replace the carborator which is very easy.

-- TupacGlock (, October 26, 2003.

I used a 5hp B&S from a go-cart on a modified razor scooter. Had it up to 60 but backed off. It has ALOT more to go.

-- rf (, October 29, 2003.

how do i bild a quadcicle ?

-- mattos (, December 28, 2003.

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