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I'm trying to recall the street intersections into the San francisco international settlement. Many thanks


-- Bill Osborne (bozborne@aol.com), October 22, 2003


as i remember (too well)it was rigt off what was or is theHUNGRY I i dont remember the street no.but i sure remember the esttlement.and the rip offs.

-- costa piperakis (usafsarge7@aol.com), November 11, 2003.

Pacific from Kearny to Montgomery. The metal stanchions that supported the "International Settlement" sign spanning Pacific are still in place at both ends of Pacific.

-- bob bardell (bbardell@pacbell.net), November 11, 2003.

What exactly was the International Settlement? I heard my family speak of it and I have a picture taken at the "Gay 90's" of an aunt. Was it a nightclub or a series of restaurants and clubs?

-- barbara chavez (chavezppp@aol.com), February 19, 2004.

Someone may be able to give a more scholarly answer, but basically the International Settlement represented the last-gasp of the historically depraved Barbary Coast, which operated along the same length of Pacific Street during the 19th Century.

This short stretch of Pacific, sometimes called "Terrific Street", featured everything from cheap boarding houses and bad whiskey where a sailor could easily be shanghaiied, to gambling dens, dance halls, and (accoring to one historian) live sex shows featuring beastiality. And they say there's nothing new under the sun...

The area was wiped out by the 1906 earthquake and later rebuilt as a bawdy but comparatively subdued stretch of bars and dancehalls. The name "international settlement" was adopted to replace the Barbary Coast image but it still connotated a slightly racy image. The Settlement pretty much died out in the 1940s and early '50s, only to be replaced by the topless and bottomless joints along Broadway. There are still a few wonderful building facades along the street dating back to the Settlement era, though.

-- P.S. Perris (psperris@slip.net), February 21, 2004.

International Settlement District

1946 Mar. 4.

Photo ID Number: AAB-9091 - SF Public Library

Note written on back: "500 Block Pacific Ave. (N. side on left looking east) House of Pisco - 580. Diamond Horseshoe - 524. Monaco - 560. Gomans Gay 90's - 555. The Barn - 539. The Hurricane - 533.".

img src= http://webbie1.sfpl.org/multimedia/sfphotos/AAB-9094.jpg>

International Settlement Located On Pacific Avenue

1956 Apr. 30.

Photo ID Number: AAB-9094 - SF Public Libraryy

-- will (willstaiger@yahoo.com), February 25, 2004.

International Settlement Located On Pacific Avenue

1956 Apr. 30.

Photo ID Number: AAB-9094 - SF Public Library

SF Public Library -- Historical Photographs <

-- will (willstaiger@yahoo.com), February 25, 2004.


-- will (willstaiger@yahoo.com), February 25, 2004.

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