Was Poe into drugs?

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Did Edgar Alan Poe do lots of drugs and have an exciting "night life"?

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2003


Poe was into opium and laudanum (an opium-based pain killer). He was also a raging alcoholic

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2003

I am not sure if i agree with that he took pain killeres. I am actually quite sure he didnt and that was how horrible his life had been.

-- Anonymous, October 24, 2003

Poe started doing opium after his 13 year old cousin/wife died of the same disease as his mother did when he was two. He had almost always been an alcoholic and wrote most of his greatset work on opium.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2003

His mother and cousin/wife died of tuberculosis.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2003

He got all crazy with just two sips of beer!!

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003

He humped men

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2004

Well i m doing a report on poe and that he used opium as a litrary device and so far i have enugh proof to say yes he was into drugs.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2004

Yes he was on drugs, no he was not gay nor happy

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2005

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