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hi, im new to this burning man phenomenon, and id really love to know more about it. im writing a paper on it, and id particularly like to know what the burning man means to you on a personal level; how you think it might or might not differ from the next person's experience; and how you think the phenomenon itself as well as your participation in it are viewed by others. or you can just tell me whatever comes to your mind about the festival. thanks so much!

-- mudberry (, October 21, 2003


I don't know about that whole Celtic ritual thing, but I can tell you that Burning Man is probably quite different. This is definitely a 21st-century event, chalk full of amazing artwork and incredible uses of modern technology purely for entertainment purposes. It's a constant visual and tactile feast, as the desert landscape seems to open itself up to humanity and its infinite potential... blah blah blah.

Here's the deal: it's a huge week-long art festival accompanied by THE party to end all parties, out in the middle of the desert with 30,000 other people. Nobody knows each other, but everyone is friendly and you can do your own thing and everybody respects that. And the weird part is that after a day or two, people you've never met start to seem more like long lost friends. (This acquainting process can of course be sped up with LSD, mescaline, or whatever floats your boat.) Leave your cash at home, because it's no good at Burning Man. Don't worry, though -- you'll get plenty of free booze from the innumerable bars and clubs, not to mention all of the interesting things people will "gift" to you.

This is the superficial synopsis of what to expect, and I think it's roughly accurate. But don't take my word for it, because I guarantee that you will not be prepared for what you experience your first time, no matter what. It will blow your friggin mind. Hopefully you'll come away with a greater appreciation and hope for the future of humanity... I think that's what it's all about.

- Smith

-- Ray Smith (, June 17, 2004.

its an ancient celtic ritual going back pre christian times where a giant wickerman type structure was built and people (women, criminals etc) were sacrificed to the ancient worm worm (posibly meaning dragon) god Crom Cruach. Usually a virgin priestess was laid out in the head of the structure as the main sacrifice and this was to be an honour for her to die and become his bride. This is only a basic synopsis of the ritual of course but its pretty much the over view of what it was. The new rage is just some crazy californians borrowing part of the idea for a rock festival and an excuse to have a giant orgy of drugs ,sex and booze, not unlike what went on a the original. The old celts knew how to party big style.

-- (, March 20, 2004.

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