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questions on EFI or forced induction on small engines

-- Josh Smith (, October 20, 2003


I almost have my efi system functional Details: 1.I placed a microswitch (with a roller in the end of it and high tension spring) on the intake valve spring ; Cover holding the switch in place 2.Throttle bodie made from 3.5 horizontal shaft intake and butterfly from 5HP cauberator It has a 90 degree bend and then goes into engine 3. Placed Fuel injector in elbow 4. Got the fuel rail and regulator pluged off all others except on for the one injector. 5. Just need fuel pump capable of returning fuel from regulator and supplying the pressure i need

Comments I expect horrible throttle response but maybe mid to upper range RPM will be smooth

With using the smog pump I fully ported the intake and exhaust ports (along with relaping the valves and reringing the engine installed double valve springs out of 10 horse racing motor, Removed govenor etc.)

So why dont yall get some hair dryers and canned air blow yuns selves up LOL

-- Josh Smith (, October 20, 2003.

someone tell me how supercharge a stock briggs raptor3

-- philip (, October 25, 2003.

Boat And Car

-- Andy D. Wildner (Yahoo@, November 19, 2003.

what do you guys use for a 12v sorce? and how do you keep a charge?

-- andrew (, April 07, 2004.

I am putting a smog pump supercharger on a lawnmower engine it is a 16hp Briggs and Stratton. I was wondering if I don't slow the timing down will the engine most likely blow up??? We are using mechanical fuel pump to compensate for the extra air. We are also incorperating a Y connection one end from the sperchargers exhaust to the intake on the carb and the other to a K&N filter that is going to sit under a scoop on the hood

-- John Deere (, May 05, 2004.

Gidday Im from new zealand down the bottom of the world and iam currently building a turbo charged 3.5 hp briggs and stratton engine a thought had crossed my mind about making it a twin carb so i began making a twin carg maninfold so hold the two carbs i will post more if my idea will work and if any body would like to email me with the idea of puttin a smog pump on the motor 'cheers Gimpy'

-- ANTHONY STEPHENS (, May 21, 2004.

how culd you put a computer fan on a carb?

-- wes (qazwsx@, May 26, 2004.

Putting a computer fan on the carb would be pretty much worthless. It dosen't put out a hole lot of air.

-- Jamie Miles (, June 05, 2004.

i can get a smog pump off a m8 and run that on a 5hp briggs motor! but i thought i would be different and try and run 3 carbs (running high rpm, mid rpm and low rpm sso the fuel is a good mix)and run a plenon chamber with the 3 carbies running of the plenon as if there throttle bodies! 3 carbs on one inlet! plus to deal with extra boost problems i would run a blow off value from the plenon chamber! off my brothers ford tx5 turbo as if is upgrading to his 2nd after market bov! so yeah! what do u think of my idea? give me ne feed back apart from gay ones! if u think my project wont work tell me y and mayb a reason y it wouldnt work! thanx guys! ha i copied this from one of the other forums! this is a very basic description of wat my idea was but ehh! hopefully ull get the idea!

-- jeff bailey (, November 08, 2004.

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