Why was Poe considered great??????????

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Why was Poe considered a great author???

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2003


I believe Poe is considered a great author because of the style and language of his writing at the time. In his time period no one had written about such morbid and horrific topics. People of that era had not yet been exposed to that type of literature. Also, his use of figurative language (alliteration, metaphor, etc.) makes him a great writer. In my opinion he knew that he was using this type of language. His writings have such a deeper level of meaning. He is the father of horror.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2003

Father of Detective Fiction, Poe writing is based mostly ont eh love for his dead wife. The works are based on emotion. The reason he dropped so much horror into the writings was because he was a necraphiliac and dead people turned him on.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2003

I know that poe was cosidered great because of his life and achievements. Poe had a horrible life and he had a lonely life including he got drunk and he went crazy. But even though he had problems he still went on because he achieved in writing poems and stories: that noone else could have done the same.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2003

Poe had written poems and storys that even today no-one can top i think no-noe will ever beat him personally he rocks!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2004

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