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hi I have a VCD which doesn't run on PC. when i click on the drive it says....Drive not accesible...incorrect function

when I check the medium info thru NERO is not having any ISO9660 track as the first track.....three tracks shown...all are data

but it runs fine on a vcd player

please help

how can i extract the video tracks from that VCD

-- kunal mittal (, October 17, 2003


i assume the content of the 3rd folder is a .dat file, if so just use vcdgear and convert the .dat to .mpg and if you want run it back through nero and burn a new vcd

-- (, October 18, 2003.

The suggestion is a good one to use VCDgear. Since it won't play on a PC, it's possible that either it was incorrectly mastered or some type of copy protection was put on it to prevent you from copying it. Copy protection schemes usually try to make the discs unplayable on a PC to prevent copying. VCD format does not support copy protection, but I have read about people using it anyway.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), October 20, 2003.

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