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Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Wow! isn't God good. I am laid up in the house with my leg in a cast (I am telling people it was a snowboarding accident in the alps;-) Anyway I was feeling bored, so I asked God what should I do. He said PRAY! So I went to the fifth district prayer page to see who needed prayer. I began to pray and I it made me feel good, though I prayed for someone else I FELT GOOD. The pain in my ankle left, I didn't feel bored anymore. I now feel engergized.

One of the goals of Licentiate Dorislene and Rev. Anthony Hughes and Rev. John Harper is to provide a forum where people can post prayers, praise reports and have the opportunity to fellowship with God. When we are praying we are worshipping God.

The fifth district prayer page is OPEN to everyone, regardless of your district or denomination. So please view the prayer requests and pray for those on the list. It would be great that after you checked out ame today you would go to the fifth district prayer page and pray for somebody, oh, please book mark or add the page to your favorites so you can access it easily.

I feel God like I knew that I would now, so good, so good since I found you God! (Sorry James Brown the AME's feel good when we pray) I love you guys!

The fifth district prayer page is


-- Anonymous, October 16, 2003

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