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Hi, i have a dvd player which says its compatible with VCDs, and i suppose it is since i play it, but when i do, the screen starts, rolling up (the picture i mean), this has happened on all my VCDs except for one and i dont know why. At first i thought it was the format but its not since theyre from the same company and printed the same year.... so what happened?? and my DVD that i bought in HK wont work in it either.. and about the language problem, i tried playing my VCD in the computer but all i hear is mandarin, i tried switching all the volumes to the right and left to see if it would make a difference and it doesnt.. so ahhh!!!!1 and i dont want to pay 30 bucks for xing.. im cheap.. hehe.. someone help.. AHHHHh..

by the way my DVD is an RCA digital photoview.. if that helps.. thanks bye

-- nessa (fuzzypeach37@hotmail.com), October 15, 2003


What did you make the VCD with? Nero?

-- Harry (veryhungryharry@yahoo.com), October 15, 2003.

I can't help you with the language problem, but the screen rolling is a sign of a PAL/NTSC mismatch. My best guess is that your VCDs are in PAL format and your RCA DVD player can't convert them to NTSC. Check your RCA player and see if it has an option to force video output to NTSC. It may not have such an option. Some DVD players don't convert video formats and will only play PAL or NTSC, not both. Looks like you have one of those. Sorry.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), October 20, 2003.

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