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October is Clergy Appreciation Month.

Show your Pastor and members of your Ministerial Staff that they are appreciated. Even if you just give a "thinking of you in my prayers" card, bake them a cake, or just tell them that you appreciate the work they are doing for God's people.

It is a awesome responsibilty looking out for the people of God and so many times we take their jobs for granted. They give so much of themselves in feeding us spiritually and alot of times they do not even hear just a small word of thanks.

I just would like to say "thank you" to every Pastor, Elder, Deacon,Ministers in training for all that you do in helping the people of God to have a closer relationship w/ him.

Also, I would like to personally praise & thank God for my Pastor, Rev. Dr. Peggy E. Wall (Immanuel Temple AME Church, Baltimore, Md)who continues to be a blessing to me and my family. It is wonderful to know that we do not need a specific month to honor our Pastor for all that God is doing for us through her.

So take a moment and call your Pastors and Ministers just to say "We thank God for you"

God Bless, Dawn K. Thomas

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2003


We gave our pastor and his wife a trip to Hawaii, and bought the kids an X-box. It was more than the usual, but he's had a busy year.

We're in a brand new building, and are setting new attendance records each Sunday. PTL!

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2003

Reasons we appreciate name a few... The times you traveled to Sayre, Rochester, Ithaca, (and sometimes from one directly to the other)...just to sit with us as we were sick or dying... The time you were in Washington, D.C. with 28 teenagers for a week to help the homeless...and you had to get one of them back home safely for her Dad's funeral...yet keep the other 27 upbeat and also safe... The time you postponed your own family trip a day, to officiate a strange man's funeral... The many times you've left your own family dinner table to tend to another family in need... The time you watched your own family go off for an extended vacation, (without you) because you were needed here... The Sunday nights you allow a bunch of loud (Friendships of Women) chatty women in your home, while you smiled and went to find a quiet place... The nights you were awakened due to a fire, tragedy, accident, to be there for us or total strangers... The time you did a funeral for four little children and their Mom, (whom you barely knew)...that had perished in a questionable stayed neutral and forgiving when many of us could never stood the test... The days you spent trying to help us through the horrors of 911...the many extra hours you gave the entire community... The nights you went to the Town Board Meetings (not even being a board member), because you knew a need for the youth was there... The trying days of change...trying to please us all with the decisions of the new Praise and Worship Service...and other changes needed in our Faith Community... The time you picked up that (chunky) little girl, who at that minute needed a hug during your closing prayer, regardless of the pain in your injured arm... These are just a few of the things that makes us say we appreciate you Tony...for what you do for all of us and the entire four town community... For not just being our Pastor...but, for being Tony our great friend... So, this is a gift of love from all of us, to you and Alice (she is our sister and friend too)...go now and find "The Quiet Place" and we will keep our Faith Family together until you get back...go knowing you are both so very loved... We love you, Your Church Family

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2003

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