Edgar Allan Poe

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What was he known to be the first of the litarary circle? What poetic technique is "The Bells" most famous for? According to Poe, what were the three most important elements of poetry?

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2003


Circle? Not exactly. Poe had many literary friends and enemies in the great southern and northern cities. The dominant Boston and NYC circles was mostly a spoiled relationship that counterintutively he attacked in his magazine role as a tough and entertaining critic.

The Bells(and other poems) onomatopoaeia or word music where the sound of the words conveys the mood and the ideas of the poem further blending the unity of poetic effect.

The three....Well, read his essays on poetry at www.eapoe.org for more depth than the easy listing can provide.

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2003

I know that Poe considers the death of a beautiful women a important factor in writing. He considered it poetical.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2003

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