60min slide show limit on VideoPack5.1 on WinXP?

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Now I am trying to make a SVCD format photo slide show by videopack5.1 on WinXP. After finishing the editing, my whole slide show is about 75mins (666M). When I tried to write to my CD-R (80mins/700M) or create a c2d image file. VideoPack5.1 always pops out a window says: The slide show is exceeding 60 mins maximum show time. When I reduced the showing time to 60mins, the whole lenght is only about 500M. It is kind of huge waste of my 700M CD-R. When I tried to make a VCD format slide show, the problem remains.

I don't remember I had such problem with videopack5.1 on Win2K. Is this a bug of videopack5.1 on WinXP?

Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot.

-- Mike Lutton (usohio@yahoo.com), October 13, 2003

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