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How could I make my 10 HP 150CC Kasea go kart go faster? Could I bore out the motor, jet the carb, put a quad exhaust on, or put a K&N air filter on? If I could put a quad exhaust on the motor would the size of the exhaust matter, doe it have to be a certin size? Also if I could bore out the motor how much more HP would i get?

-- Casey (, October 12, 2003


A quad exhause is probably too big for the motor. Most motors need some backpressure to get proper torque etc. especially in the lower end and mid range. If all you are worried about is when the motor is topped out about to redline, then a larger exhauset would probably help. Or you could just take out any baffles etc. that are in your exhause. I wouldn't go too big though as it can mess up your motor. I don't know a whole lot about boring out a motor, but i think it is reliable h/p. I would definately jet it if you change the exhaust or the intake.

-- mike (, January 19, 2004.

WTF is a quad exaust may I ask?? I'm asuming it's a single cylinder engine, so a single exhaust would be the most efficient - why four? I run my 180cc with only a few cm of large bore pipe, just to vent the gases away. It looses a bit of back-pressure, but runs nicely. It still has plenty of mid/low. Don't waste your time boring - it's expensive and you'll get no more than 10cc, and that's not much power (like maybe half a hp more). Try short-stroking the engine rather, then it'll rev out higher and should get more power becuase it's going much faster. I suggest taking off the head gasket and running it on higher octane petrol - higher comp. more power, and revs out better + faster. For even more of a boost, run the engine on glow-fuel (from hobby stores) but only for short periods of time (and keep the choke at least half closed). Or you could get all expensive, but I won't go there..

-- Bcuky Smith (, January 20, 2004.

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-- Steve Moudy (, January 21, 2004.

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