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I owned TRV33 Sony camcorder. If we would play on the TV directly from camcorder, the quality is excellent. But, when it transfered to my laptop with the software ImageMixer that comes with the purchsse(after converted to Mpeg format), the quality sucks. My transfer method is, through USB port. Have you tried using iLink ? Not sure how it is as I am hesitating to invest further on this hardware (Fireware PC cardbus)unless it is proven. As I know, Firewire are more superior in speed than USB, what about video quality and its losses ?

Is there any good recommended software that can output similar quality as DVD ?


-- Jason Cai (, October 12, 2003


Use hardware like capture card from pinnacle or firewire. which doesn't reduces the quality.

find a latest one which provides better video and sound quality with lip matching feature.

-- kunal (, October 20, 2003.

hey!! try the firewire for the shake of its name. it is 200% sure to deliver much better result. i have been using a trv38 handicam and have always been successfull in transferring excellent quality video to my laptop through the firewire. try it and you will regret not having invested on it earlier.

hope it helps.

-- bonja mob (, May 29, 2004.

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