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My friend is in her third trimester w/another month and a half until her due date. She is desiring to have a natural birth and will be delivering her child at a birthcenter. She has enrolled in expectant parent classes where natural births are advocated. I too have had the priviledge of delivering my two children w/out drug intervention and i had a wonderful support team. I, now have been called upon to be by her side during the birth which i am thrilled about! while i have had a great support, i have never BEEN part of one. Can you please give me a few words of advice before I take on this great and wonderful responsibility? How can i help to make her birth experience a positive one? Please advise!!! Thankyou, Alicia

-- alicia moreland (, October 10, 2003



What an honor that your friend has asked you to be there for her birth! I understand what you're saying about being nervous as to what you should do. But here's the good news: all your friend needs is for you to be your loving, supportive self. You don't need to know any tricks, you just need to be there for her and help her stay in the moment. Remind her to return to her breath during tough contractions, remind her to relax her mouth and neck. Look in her eyes and let her know you're there for her.

Good luck, Kerry

-- Kerry (, October 19, 2003.

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