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Hi, everyone I am in LA at the southern california conference. I met Rev. Harper who looks like a movie star! He is very handsome!!!! I met pastor Mike Barta and his wife Linda they are fabulous, anointed, funny and we hung out together on thursday laughing and praising God with Elder Guidry. I met Barbara Ransom, my dear friend and she is so beautiful!!! Felicia ia gorgeous and filled with the Holy spirit. Dr. Murray is the kindest annointed man of God.

Rev. Jamal Bryant preached on Men's night. Oh, my God if you have never heard him preach run to baltimore, order a tape but YOU MUST HEAR HIM PREACH. He is a prophet, and one of the greatest preachers in the world. Amazing!!! And to my dear friend in Georgia, you were right as usual, I am having a ball! Bishop Bryant introduced me at the conference. Our ame today family in california looks like a million bucks. Take care of one another, the fifth district is growing and exciting ministries are happening here. Joy in the lord.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2003


It is a great conference! Thank you so much for being with us. I had to get back to work, but thank you for your refreshing spirit. You will never fully know what it meant to meet the Pastor who told me about b-12 for osteo. Have yourself a good time and come see us sooner than later. I am praying that you have continued success in Montana. Hugs and Love Felicia

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2003

Don't make me blush.......

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2003

It is official Rev. Harper and his beautiful wife are now itinerant elders. It was a beautiful service. And Rev. Harper's wife is fabulous!!!! She is british royalty and they have the cutest son who was enjoying meeting everyone. So please congratulate the harpers.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2003

I'm out of town on business but it seems like Denise and the folks at the SoCal Annual Conference sure have a lot of spare time for goofing off, getting celebrity autographs and complimenting one another on alleged good looks :-) At my annual conference (Florida Conference) we are far too consumed with work related issues that prevent us from being distracted by celebrity look-alikes. Although when I wear my shades and eat my tasty mullet fish sandwich I do bear a striking resemblance to Wesley Snipes. QED

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2003

Bill, I said to Pastor Mike Barta the other night,"Bill Dickens is going to be jealous if I tell him how good everyone looks." Mike being the humble man that he is stood up for you. But you are my biological brother and I know you;-)

Now let me say this about the southern california conference. It is a loved filled conference and truly welcomes visitors when they come. I had spare ribs at one of our ame churches yesterday and one of the cooks drove to oklahoma to bring back barbeque sause and wood to cook the ribs!! It was fabulous!!! As large as this conference is, about 53 churches, everything runs smoothly and churches are reporting growth. Bill you have to remember we have the most anointed Bishop in the world. Bishop Bryant and the fifth district is growing under his leadership. Bill I am not goofing off, sunday morning I am preaching and singing at Immanuel AME Community Church. Rev. Jane Galloway is the pastor. I did go to the ocean yesterday.

And brother Bill you are the best looking one on the board. Well, am I still your sister now? PS. there are no ugly people in the southern california conference.

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2003

We in the 5th had time to hobnob with the "Beautiful ones" because:

1. Our Bishop and Episcopal Supervisor are efficient, and the pastors and stewards, and trustees brought their "A" games...

2. We had 2 hour lunches (hotels are not that close to churches in L.A.

3. Beverly Hills and Hollywood were less than 30 minutes away.

4. Some of the BP attend First Church, Los Angeles......

Pastor Rogers, I hope Jane took you to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles...if not, you'll have to come back next year.

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2003

Wow Denise -- fabulous, anointed and funny to boot! Thank you so much for the compliments. Actually, we think you're pretty great too!!! It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you.

For everyone who has not yet had an opportunity to meet Rev. Rogers. When you do, the privilege will be yours. She is a wonderful daughter of the King.

Blessings to you all.


-- Anonymous, October 15, 2003

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