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Curious about the history behind this company, possibility of contacting any personnel employed before the company went BK in the 1970's.

-- Bill Stockmar (, October 10, 2003


I don't get it!

-- Juan F Euan (, November 02, 2003.

They were on about 6th and geary. They went out of buisiness shortly after being sued when they hit a kid on 2nd ave blinding him in the early 70s. I lived across the street.

-- Bill Haines (, April 23, 2004.

And they made the best bread! I still have a wrapper, somewhere . . .

-- Ron Reiss (, April 29, 2004.

Its just nice to know that there are some other Stockmars' in the world

-- Bob Stockmar (, July 31, 2004.

I thought they were closer to 3rd & Geary. No? They had THE SOUREST and BEST French bread in all of SF. Used to go to the bakery in the late 30's and early 40's to buy it right out of the ovens. MMMM

-- gerry cullinane (, December 13, 2004.

365 3rd. Ave. They had the best dark baked French Bread in the City.

-- Dennis O'Rorke (, March 08, 2005.

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