Hip replacement; Is breaking the bone common during this operation?

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My boys dad had his second hip operation in April 2002. The Doctor broke his leg while operating. Two extra hours later David woke up and the doctor informed him that his leg was broke during this operation. The doctor said they all break legs during this kind of operation, although I had only found one other person this happened to so far. I can go into the pain, I can also go into loosing the insurance company, being disabled for life, as well as not being able to work at his profetion, but I feel as I read the other messeges everyone here is going through some, if not all of the same experiences. My question is, Is breaking the femor bone common during hip replacements?

-- Coralie Coen (coraliecoen@yahoo.com), October 08, 2003


Unfortunately it does occur during hip replacment surgery. It is a common complication. It happens more when a prosthesis is used without cement. It can up to 10% of the time.

-- Harpal Khanuja, M.D. (hkhanuj1@jhmi.edu), January 05, 2004.

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