Did the Lord ordain 456 Apostles? Who ordained bishops

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I propose that Christ knew what HE was doing. 12 apostles, 70, that's an interesting number, why 70, as missionaries alone, you need current revelation to instruct what the purpose of all these offices were and are today. So Paul as an apostle was not writing to Timothy as a bishop he was writing to him as a successor? I don't see that in the Letter. Tertullian said it well, Oh what a powerful reasoner, self interest is. Today there are apostle (12) and 70, and prohets, evangelists, missionaries, just as indicated

-- Frank Godfrey (fgodfrey@macu.org), October 08, 2003


The Acts of the Apostles show clearly that the Apostles had a special role of leadership and power in the Church communities...they alone could grant the gift of the holy spirit, and they alone were capable of picking successors for Judas, as well as selecting Deacons, and elders. Paul was presented by Barnabbas to the Apostles prior to being sent back home and the start of his ministry.

Timothy and Titus were not his successors but they were elders and overseers of local churches - thus bishops.

Just because something is not spelled out in the Bible doesn't mean it didn't happen - St John tells us this EXPLICITLY in both is Gospel and Epistles when he mentions that there were many other things Jesus did that were NOT included in the Gospel, and that there were many other things he, John, had to say which he didn't trust to pen and ink but was going to say orally to the Church in question.

-- Joe (joestong@yahoo.com), October 08, 2003.

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