Delegates to the South East Zambia conference of the AMEC held in Lusaka from 16-19 September 2003 responded affirmatively with a defeaning applause during and after Rev N.Jordan Mkwanazi, Candidate for episcopal office for the 17th Episcopal District outlined his "Vision 2004: A MUSE for increase."

Accompanied by his dear wife Rev Henrietta Sullivan Mkwanazi who is also an Itinerant Elder in the AME Church and his assistant pastor at Bethel AME Church in Dallas Texas,Rev N.Jordan Mkwanazi impressed the delegates when he was given the platform to speak to the conference on Friday 19 September 2003 one hour before his departure for the US.

In his speech,he mentioned that when he takes over from Bishop Williams at the end the end of the 2004 General Conference,he will address the following issues:

1)MINISTRY - Develop the grounds for Spiritual renewal through evangelism,worship and discipleship

2)UNANIMITY - Cultivate an environment that will give the overseas districts a better understanding of the Connection and therby encouraging increased support to it.

3)STEWARDSHIP - Efffectively utilize the existing resources to improve the economic and membership status of the overseas churches.

4)EDUCATION - Develop academic and theological infrastructures to promote educated,visionary and effective clergy and leadership.

Out of well over 1500 Clergy, less that one third are either academically and theologically trained.This is inspite of the AME Church owning it's own colleges and univrsities in the US.

The apperance of Rev N Jordan Mkwanazi helped in clarifying the misrepresentation and misinformation that was going round the city of Lusaka that the 17th only endorsed one candidate as opposed to three. Bishop Preston Warren Williams said there were three candidates all of whom had been endorsed by the righful body of the 17th.

The delegates said that time had come for the 17th Episcopal District to gain from the work which was initiated by Bishop H.H.Brookins who personally invested in Rev N.Jordan Mkwanzi's development.The full scolarship awarded to him to attend Paul Quinn College in Waco,Texas by Senior Bishop John Hurst Adams leading to acquisition of his post graduate education was appreciated by all the delegates.

Rev Mkwanazi has a large following of volunteers and workers in the 17th Episcopal District.His Zambian based team is one of the most organised and has effectively reached out to three annual conference. The following are verified statistics which the campaign team has on file :

In the South East Zambia conference alone out of 1855 delegates, there were 1761 volunteers cards.

From the South West Zambia Conference,which is the headquarters of Rev Mkwanazi's campaign, out of 2330 delegates,there were 2251 volunteer cards.

From the North West Zambia Conference,out of 1345 delegates,there were 1220 volunteer cards.

The team is yet to cover the last North East Zambia annual conference which has been put off due to Bishop Williams departure to the US to attend to his ill mother in law.

Residing in the US has given Rev Mkwanazi a fair advantage as he has been accepted to be a bridge builder between Africa and the US thereby promoting the much needed conectionalism.He is being referd to as Nehemiah who has come at the "Right Time" to rebuild the fallen walls of Jerusalem.

Rev Mkwanazi had been on the Continent from August 2003 when he came to attend the AJC Harare,Zimbabwe.He was also privilegd to attend the only two annual conferences Harare and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe respectively.Visit his website on :

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2003

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