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Is the succes rate for core decompression of the shoulder stage 2 differant for people with lupus?

-- Nancy Lombardi (nanlombardi@aol.com), October 08, 2003


The result include people with SLE and on chronic steroids.

-- Harpal Khanuja, M.D. (hkhanuj1@jhmi.edu), October 09, 2003.

I had stage 3 AVN, but no collapse. I had core decompression with the grafting stuff almost 5 years ago and my hip is doing fine. I have Lupus and am on low dose steroids. Get the core decompression before going to a hip replacement! The pain is less than the AVN pain.

-- Amy O. (Onerous@yahoo.com), February 03, 2005.

Amy thanks for taking time to give feedback on you surgery. Your response is particularly interesting to me because of how much time has passed for you. I have SLE and just got core depression done on both hips. Has your activity been restricted? Can you workout with light weights or speed walk? Any advice you might want to offer?

-- heather callahan (orawro@yahoo.com), February 16, 2005.

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