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OK, Seriously. I just want to find an unopened "complete box set" and pay less than a hundred. Could i order one from vergni megastore or my local comic- nerd store? is the all-episode-collection ever going to be on dvd??? where do i find the box set... unopened???

-- sam (, October 07, 2003


This has been answered more than a couple times on this forum. I will say this once, and once for all... EBAY! I swear by it, it is my new god and savior. Well, not really, but... you know. Yes, you can usually find the VHS box set on ebay, I think they usually end up going for around $100.00...? I am not sure if that is the price for an unopened set, or an opened one, but I do know that if you compulsively search ebay EVERY DAY for new Aeon Flux stuff............ you will come to find what you are looking for eventually. I believe that the set is out of print, so your local comic book store will probably not be able to order it for you... I could be wrong though. You just have to check it out for yourself I guess, do some research... The day that the series comes out as a box set in DVD format (over-packed with special features of course!) will be a wonderful festive day. Who knows when that will happen though... no word of it yet. Good luck man.

-- Max W. (, October 08, 2003.

What is the point of having an unopened box set anyhow?

You are going to open it and watch them aren't you?

I conceed that they do deteriorate after several hundred viewings, (mine are nearly unwatchable), but unless you want to hold onto them and sell them, what's the point of 'Unopened'?

If you're going to import them and burn pristine DVD's put me on your mailing list. I'll buy one.

But if you aren't going to share the wealth...

anyhow, whatever.

-- Astral (, October 16, 2003.

I don't know where you live, but in Southern CA there is a very large computer store called Fry's. Within this very large computer store, lies a very large DVD section, which has a very large Anime section. In this Anime section is a DVD box set Aeon, and it was about $80.

-- Lola (, November 13, 2003.


You mean the Fry's in LA? With the flying saucer sticking out and the war of the worlds theme inside?

in their anime section?


-- skye (, November 13, 2003.

FRY'S has an Aeon box set? DVD Box set at that? This sounds unbelievable, considering that I didn't think that an Aeon DVD box set existed... I must try to get to fry's somehow. If anyone is still looking for the 1st Aeon Season on DVD, I have to say that I went to suncoast, a movie store in the mall the other day, and asked if they could order it for me. They did, I just had to pay a $5 deposit, and the total price of the DVD is $25. Just had to mention that somewhere on this board considering that people are paying upwards of $75 for it on ebay! So yes, I am happy about that, hope you all will indulge too.

-- Max W. (, November 19, 2003.

I just found this place online that will sell you a DVD-R copy of the Aeon Flux DVD for really cheap. Check it out: Aeon Flux DVD- R

-- Aeon Flux DVD (, June 21, 2004.

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