a person who needs to be put in there place right or wrong

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there is this young man who travel the confrences causing trouble. he is always trying to be in the inner circle. however, he is not ordained. but yet he feels that he is some high ranking offical in the church. the boy has been put out of every where he has been. i saw him in dallas working security. while at the same time trying to lure girls to his room. he shows up to conference and expects to find a room(somebody elses room) to sleep in. with out paying. i think this young man needs to be banned from the church before we catch a serious case. i think his name is forbes i don't know his first name. but saints be ware. am i right or wrong for wanting to stop this man before he really gets started. if somebody knows him please advise him.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2003


I don't know who this confused pastor is but I have seen him on this site as I do read and respond to everyday. I don't agree with this type of info being put out on me and about me falsely and maliciously. there are several memebers of this board, Robert Matthews and Bill Dickens who know of my work in the church and otherwise. Taminika terry knows me from New Orleans at the Lay Biennial. Yes I have been with Bobby Rankin and the Securuty Detail of the church. Yes I do travel to a lot of conferences at no ones expense but my own but what business is it of yours confused pastor, that I think I am a high ranking official in the church. If I am staying in someone's elses room then how can I lure girls to my room?? I demand an apology and I ask that the administrator reprimand this animal of a pastor for trying to attack my character. I will pray for you because obviously you don't know me and I think you are sick for falsely attacking me in a time this body is morinig Dr. Reynolds death. Be aman and put your real name out here and email me privately if you have aproblem with me. Lastly, i adamantly deny and stand against this Evil doer and peace breaker for the unmerited comments. Lets pray for him for his sanity.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2003

Yes, I can attest to the character and integritry of Rev. Forbes because we are from the same District. He has pledged his support in my interest in wanting to have the Pensacola, FL home of Tuskegee Airman General Daniel "Chappie" James (one of my 20th century heroes) restored as a national museum. He was one of the first to voluntarily give of his own time and volunteer when Morris Brown College was experiencing difficulties last Spring. I have had the pleasant occasion to talk about his work in the West Florida Conference with the Episcopal Supervisor of the 11th District, Dr. Dolly Adams. His dedication towards the spiritual renewal of the AMEC is unquestioned. I am profoundly disturbed and offended by the salacious and repugnant character of 'confused pastor's' reckless accusations. I suspect when Rev. Harper visits this thread he will properly delete this thread in its entirety since it is nothing more than character assasination. I beseech you Confused Pastor to do the honorable thing and publicly apologize not just to Rev. Forbes but everyone who reads this BB and are offeneded by these reckless charges. QED

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2003

We don't need this. Come on. This is the reason that we can't get many people to come to church when we put things like this out over the "air". Please for God's Namesake, don't do this. The bible gives us clear instructions on how to approach a brother or sister who is in error. However, bigger than us is the Unbeliever, This is our whole reason for being especially "pastoring". Now May the Peace of God Keep our hearts, Mind, Souls, & E-mails. With Love my brothers.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2003

Confused Pastor (and anyone else thinking about it):

We do not permit character assasination on this board. If you have a problem with an individual, do the GODLY thing and confront them directly. If that fails, take 2 or 3 Christians with you. If THAT fails, bring your elders.

If that person still won't change, take them to the Judicial Boards of the A.M.E. Church.

But, in the words of my dear departed mother,

"Don't bring that mess (my edit) in here!"

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2003

Like Bill, let me say that I also know Reverend Forbes. As a Seminary Student in my Episcopal District. We admire and respect him here and in my Conference where he resides.

Reverend Forbes also serves as an Associate Minister on the Staff of one of the Leading Churches in my Conference and my own Presiding Elder District.

As my Conference Lay Organization boarded a bus at 6:00 a.m. in route to the Lay Biennial Convention on The First Sunday in July, July 6, 2003, we celebrated the Service of Holy Communion on board the bus in a shopping mall parking lot. The celebrants were the Reverend Stafford Wicker, D. Min., The Pastor of Antioch AMEC and the Reverend Sinclair Forbes. Reverend Forbes also joined our delegation in New Orleans as well.

One final note, before I end. It has been my experience that those who regularly contribute to this forum and Bulletin Board have absolutely nothing to hide. Therefore we use our full names and correct e mail address--no bogus identities of which I am aware.

Those who fail to be governed by this rule create a kickback in your e mail. Therefore no one can send a private response to you. Thus, we must answer you publicly and make a public spectacle of you.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2003

I find it most unfortunate that I have to come to this website to see such a breech of the rules of conduct as I have experienced with confused pastor's thread. As I have stated in a earlier thread a few months ago, we have to be mindful of how we approach those who we suspect are not in sync with church ettiqute and or appropriate church decorum. This message board is not here to support or encourage negitave energy as exemplified by this particular thread. Personally, I am quite sick and tired of reading comments that seek to whistleblow without providing a positive solution to the problem that one feels they need to highlight. And the fact that this particular thread was started by someone who should know something about church protocol (being a pastor and all), is most disturbing.

I know Rev. Forbes. I met him in New Orleans and found him to be a most pleasant individual who, like I, loves the AME Church. Our conversations were most interesting and appropriate and his decorm was quite gentlemanly.

I will end with this statement-- You either contribute to this website for positive discussions of church and spiritual business or you have no business here.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2003

I would like to say this. "Confused pastor" has confused me. I've noticed several things since he (or she) has begun to post on this board. First, the posts are quite negative in nature. Second, there are several other posters who came on the board at the same time as confused pastor with the same style of posts, including punctuation and grammar. Third, why would a pastor post anonymously? If he is convicted in the Word, there is no need for him to hide behind anonymous. Last, why would the name'confused' be used in the title of a name? What are you confused about?

I would hope that if a pastor noticed some young person making an error, they would go directly to that person and try to correct him or her in a Christian way. Otherwise, if necessary, a matter would be referred to a presiding elder or bishop. An AME pastor would know this and not post a person's name on this board. On several occasions Rev. Harper has made a plea that rules of the board be observed.

In addition, in the past confused pastor made a statement about the WMS in his church? Did confused pastor speak with his members in hopes of planning a mutually accepted agenda during the year?

I understand pastors are under a lot of pressure. Most of them work from sun up til sun down for their churches, and they have families that they must tend to as well. It is not easy, and I am in great appreciation and admiration to those who've answered the call, because it is not easy. I understand pastors get weary. I suggest that confused pastor speak with someone in his district for additional counseling about his heavy load. In the meantime, we will pray for confused pastor and his congregation.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2003

I asked that the Lord God rebuke the devourer in the Name of Jesus. Amen. I speak peace in the Name of Jesus. Amen

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2003

Please stop it! There is more important things that we coulld spend our time on. We are breaking God's heart!

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2003

sinclair isn't a bad person. we all have issues we are all broken in some kind of way. i know sinclair pretty well as my running buddy. and if something happens to one it happens to both. i feel honestly thaat he will be ok. God does not make mistakes when he calls an individual. such as myself and sinclair. i am glad to see so many people with postive things to say. Bishop cummings always stress to us to do your work that others may talk about it then you will see success. so God bless and lets keep the church lifted in prayer.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2003

Whoever this guy is you are right about this man. He needs help so we need to pray for him and help him. Don't talk about him like this but pray for him. Yes he got kick out of a church yes he tried to have sex with everybody but we need to help him. So help him and pray for him. God Bless. Victor from the 3th

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2003

I am sure those who have negative words concerning thou brother or sister,must be ranking them self with God as perfect. Don't forget where you put your bible. Please find it and read it and OBEY it. Please search your heart for the magic word LOVE

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2003

I think someone has incriminated themselves, because I do not see the names of anyone in particular on this message board. By the time the names appeared on the message board, they were edited out. If the nasty messages do not really apply to you, nor do they describe your character then why respond to them.

God bless you.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2003

The moderator speaks:

Sister Jackson,

I edit them as soon as I see them, but I do have to sleep, so there is a chance that some of you may read these defamatory posts before I have a chance to edit them.

I wouldn't have to edit, and the others would't have to post if some of us engaged the brain cells that God gave us before we vented on this forum.

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2003

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