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I have a 750 cc Yamaha engine that I want to build a cart for. It has a drive shaft. The motor would have to sit sideways or a rear gear would be needed. Any plans, ideas, pics, or info on tube frame making, axle and drive set ups. I want to smoke the tires off it and do a little offroad.

-- Ron from Michigan (, October 06, 2003


Where did you get the engine. Did you get it from a junkyard or wreckers? If so how much did u pay for it? I want to know cause I'm doing the same thing but since its a holiday down here on Monday nothing is open so I can't call and find out. I'm planning on doing the same thing ur doing except i'm taking stuff from a 3 wheeler and lawnmower but getting the engine from a bike. e-mail me at if you want to know a little about making it or for anything else.

-- DerangeD (, October 12, 2003.

been there, done that.

I ordered my plans from here. They kick A@@.

-- chris cowan (, October 16, 2003.

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