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I have a Montgomery Ward lawn mower with a 11hp engine. How do i make it go alot faster? I also want to put dual exhaust coming out the back so it will sound awsome how would i do that? please help me

-- Scott Williams (, October 05, 2003


hay kid if you want to make your lawn mower sound coool and have it go fast change the pullies bigger and motofy the govner ok!

-- Joey (, October 08, 2003.

Don't Try The Exaust Thing Thats Not To Brite. The Stock Exaust Is Made Short And Without Alot Of Bends Because It Is Super Hard On The Exaust Valve And Will "Blow" It.

-- (, March 07, 2004.

i have a old coast to coast lawn mower im wondering what sizes i should change the pullys to i have a 8" on the back a 3" on the front what should i change them to i welded my trany together to its possy but what should i do now. i tuned it good and i have the govener set good it only goes about 15 now

-- daniel holden (, March 22, 2004.

You dont want to make the exhaust louder you want to leave the stock one on beacuse that leaves back pressure to the engine which makes more compression which make the engine go faster duh!!! but if you still want to make it louder just put one pipe out and make sure its long enough because to much air will burn up the valves and go to you tractor supply store and buy and tractor exahust flap to put over the end of the pipe for pressure once again. also dont mess with the govener becuase thats just for when your engine is bogging down that will kick in and bring it back to power youll blow a rod if you mess with that and you want the smaller pulleys on the enginge because thats what turns and the faster that turns whith less strain the faster thats gonna go.

-- ben johnson (, May 24, 2004.

try the new sta-bil gas, believe me it will make it alot faster! I would also try FMF's power core 4 dirt bike exhaust for the sweetest sound possible.

-- matt Kabatchca (, June 05, 2004.

I HAve a 2001 RAnch king mower (16.5 HP) and it not an automatic and it HAs 7 speedes, i Want to make it go much faster and be much stronger. thank you

-- Tad (, June 13, 2004.

Hey ive got a Craftsman 12hp OHV that someone had thrown in a junk pile and i took it to my dads shop and fixed it up and then i painted it and it runs like new and im just goin to put some Sea Foam in the gas tank and that stuff cleans out the carburetor and makes it run like new and then im just goin to a iron pipe and put it in a vice grip and bend it and then take a rain cap that goes on a tractor and put it on there or im just goin to weild a iron pipe straight one to it and it will be super loud

-- Logan (, June 14, 2004.

I have a 12hp Briggs and Stratton engine. We put a pipe on it and the neighbors complained about the noise(the closest neighbor lives about a quarter of a mile away) The pipe we put on it is 2 inches wide with a 4 inch tip. The only real problem with the pipe is that when you start the engine cold it backfires some, after about 5 minutes it runs real smoothly. The pipe has a 1 inch threaded pipe out the head, with 2 bolts running through the center of each pipe. The Mower has been modified also, it can run at about 30mph easly. The engine still has enough torque to flip the mower. After these simple modifications the mower still gets around 35 miles to the gallon. The engine is very loud, and has plenty of power to spare.

-- Justin Hoehns (, July 02, 2004.

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