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I want to make my lawnmower go faster but the back pully is really big with a bolt in the center. I was wondering if i took a smaller pully off a old bush hog mower and un did that bolt and put it in place of the big pully. Im also looking for the governor but I dont know exactly what im looking for so please someone please help.!! Greatly appreciated Please emaol me !!!or post thanks

-- Michael (, October 04, 2003


i wanted to know the same thing. have you since found out anything?

-- bk (, October 16, 2003.

yes changing the pulley will help alot, it will be real slow of the line but itll do about 20mph, by taking the govenor of it will alow the engine to rev at full rpm, this will blow up the motor, but by having a self return throtle u can control it.

if you need more info email me ur question

-- Bracie Vowell (, November 10, 2003.

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