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I have two Peco Insulfrog turnouts forming a crossover. Do you place insulated railjoiners between them? I am amazed at the number of experts who don't know the answer to this question. Michael

-- Michael Perlson (, October 04, 2003


-- Allan Gartner (, October 04, 2003.

Let me try that again... :)

Please see the diagram on the Insulfrog on my website:

Actually, slightly more important than the question of insulators is are the two tracks you are crossing between have the same track polarity? When the locomotive crosses over, they need to be the same.

You can:

1. Wire the layout so that the two tracks are always the proper polarity. This is usually the case in a yard. No insulators will be needed between the turnouts.

2. Have one of the parallel tracks on an auto reversing booster. You will need to use the insulated joiners. Such a situation might be when you have a dogbone layout - the sides of the dogbone have different polarities.

Note: To use option 2, you will need to know how to wire up a booster in an auto reversing configuration. Go to my section on track wiring in my website to learn a bit about this.

-- Allan Gartner (, October 04, 2003.

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