A Real enigma is the significance of the transcription at the end of the "pruloined Letter", ANy one know?

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THe transcription by Dupin at the conclusion of the "purloined letter" haunts many interpreters of his work. Dupin relationship if any to minister D-. The meaning of the reference to the french play by crebillon, Atreus and thyestes? Who woudl be atreus and who would be thyestes? What yah think?

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2003


Through Seneca's play, not Crebillon(Poe begins the story with a quote from seneca), we learn that Atreus commits the foulest scheme against Thyestes, serving up his dead sons as dinner. Thyestes, who had withdrwan from ambitious cravings for poower vows revenge. The basic scheme and character of the two(who are related grandchildren of the cursed Tantalus)seems to be what is important. It would seem to suggest nearly that the two are related and that reference alone would tell D_ who Dupin was. is Poe agains alluding to that twinning doppleganger tendency of his? As in "William Wilson"? Or is the complex destruction of Atreus set against the crude vindictive unh=justified act of Atreus? Those deeper allusions to be merely suggested are enough for Poe, but the classical tale of revenge is simply enough for the purpose of wrapping up the story. In effect, the mystery and cloud still successfully enwrapping Dupin is a sign of his superiority while his uncovered criminal is totally exposed and ruined.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2003

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