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As a pastor I know I do the best that I can do for God and my congregation. I love being a pastor. It is the one thing that gives me joy. To introduce Jesus to new people and watch their lives transform is inspiring. To serve a savior that loved me enough to go to the cross is humbling. To know that Richard Allen and the early members of the AME church toiled so hard to lay a foundation. Makes me work harder to keep the church going for the next generation.

But it is very discouraging to read this board and hear how pastors are no good, or there are no missionairies. It is troubling, because there are so many of us who are working hard for the lord for little or no money. Both in the US, Africa and elsewhere.

Everything that is discussed on this board is talked about in the scripture. The priests who ate the offerings for God, who took money from the widows and poor. Who did not preach the word of God. Paul the apostle was betrayed by those who worked with him to form the early church. Yet he persevered and spoke of love. Scripture warns us and tells us what will happen when we follow Christ. But scripture also tells us what the rewards will be for the righteous. I have found as a pastor that those who study the bible let the sinister things they see in the church roll off their back. For they know the power of God will prevail.

The children of darkness are on some pulpits in ALL denominations and we must have discernment and not confuse them with the followers of Christ. Nor should we think they represent all clergy. By the same token the children of darkness are among laity and try to dismantle the church. When we give them our power they win. When we do not look around and see when the faithful are working we become bitter and it spreads like a cold.

There is great and wonderful work being done in the zion. Please look around. As for me, I will never give the children of darkness the satisfaction of giving up. I will crawl to my church, I will carry the ame banner high for God himself called me to be ame.

Let us encourage one another, give hope to one another, love one another, pray for another and love our enemies.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2003


Thank you!!

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2003

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