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This is Pastor Appreciation Month and since there has been a great deal of discontent with many a Pastor within some of our churches, mine included, I just want to say "Thank you" to those of the Pastor's I know that really love the Lord and want to walk in God's Will. I want to say also, that I pray for all Pastor's and that God will help me to continue to respect the title and role, even it I can not always respect the person.

God bless all clergy in God's work is my prayer.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2003


As a product of a parsonage, I have a deep respect and appreciation for pastors and what they do. Unfortunately in recent times, however, I have often found myself reserving the use of this title and exchanging it for preacher instead.

The term pastor refers to one who is the shepherd of all the sheep. Jesus said the Good Shepherd is one who would even lay down his life for the sheep; who would leave the ninety and nine and go out seeking the one who was lost. He further stated that the sheep knows the shepherd's voice and would gladly follow him/her.

Once as I visited Nova Scotia I discovered what this means. As I approached a flock of sheep I stopped to get a closer look at them. They were calm and peaceful until they heard my voice. At which point, to my amazement, they all turned and ran as quickly as they could. For, I was not the shepherd and they knew not my voice. I was merely as a hireling as far as the sheep were concerned. If you are not truly a shepherd you can be certain as Jesus said, the sheep will run from you.

To all who meet the criterion of Shepherd, as Jesus has defined it to be. Let me say how much you are appreciated and thank you for the wonderful work you do. Thanks for answering the call and MY HAT GOES OFF TO YOU!

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2003

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