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1st. if was laid off sept.20th but i have not received my final check for 2 days that i worked. doesn't my employer have 72 hours to give me my check.?

2nd. my co-workers found out that i'm a lesbian and now are always spreading rumors about me and it made me very unconfortable to be at work and i also got into a verbal confrontation with a co-worker of mine over it. i let my manager know about the issue but nothing was ever done it was to the point that i wanted to quit.

-- sandra Orantes (, October 02, 2003


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-- jdlafjkla;s (jfdsal;@jfdal;.com), May 12, 2004.


-- gay man!!!!1 (joeajsldfjaskl;@fjdlks;fjals;.com), May 12, 2004.


-- joe (, May 12, 2004.

First of all, how did your co-workers find out? I would go above the so-called managers head to his boss and speak of a sexual harassment lawsuit with him/her. If you don't want to mention lawsuit, just mention sexual harassment from co-workers. Go to your local library and look up about past sexual harassment cases before speaking to the manager's boss or owner. The more you know, chances are they do not have that information and will react accordingly.

As for the paycheck, I believe it should have been paid when the next pay period was scheduled. That's the way it is in my state, and I thought it was that way nationally.

Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

Sheri Summers

-- Sheri Summers (, February 16, 2004.

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