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O.k. I have completely given in to the urge to research the past based on my psychic memories and face myself in some faded yearbook in another body, long dead. I am looking for a blonde or fair haired cheerleader named Cathleen and a dark haired, possibly Italian, football player known as "Tony the Lion" at the height of his highschool football career. I just found that Galileo High has a Lion Mascot, (that was exciting) and then I went and checked it out where Galileo High is on a San Francisco map as was very excited to find that the location jives with my memories and also explains my Presidio fixation since it is practically right next to Crissy field. So now I am looking for Galileo High School yearbooks from between 1938 to 1942. Their senior year would be best of course, so later years may reveal more, but I am not perfectly sure of the year. Tony also had a 1 or 2 year younger brother with slightly lighter brown hair. Tony and Cathleen both died in the WWII years. The younger brother was still alive at that time.

-- Pamela Riek (, October 01, 2003


Lordy, lordy. I got a whole string of them from that period looking with google (eBay has nothing at present). This one has a couple of copies for sale.

This site is the Keep In Touch network for Galileo alumni. You could contact them about buying or at least looking at a copy.

-- Rosa (, October 03, 2003.


I too, have checked Google and discovered the Bolerium has Galileo yearbooks for sale and I am thinking of purchasing, but I wanted to look at them first and the guy at Bolerium suggested that I go to the San Francisco Historical Library. The S.F. historical library only has Galileo yearbooks through 1939, and then it starts up again and they have a few from the '50's and later. They told me I could do photocopies or bring a "hand held camera"-- no scans. I should have gone Friday, I didn't get enough done and now I have too much homework. I want to plan on doing it on a weekday so I can a least take a commuter bus one way, and escape the milkrun 80 and parking.

I have also contacted someone at SF geneology .com with yearbooks from some of those years that does "volunteer lookups" but its been a week and I have had no response yet. The person is either really busy, doesn't like psychics, or there is someone living that remembers Tony the Lion and Cathleen and doesn't feel comfortable communicating with me, yet at least, or maybe ever. I am keeping my fingers crossed

There is also a chance I need a '41 or '42 to get the couple's senior year where Tony would defnitely be featured as "Tony the Lion", which is the main reason I was hedging my bets by putting the notice on the S.F. Historical Board. I am hoping I will be able to guess their senior year by lookiing at the '39, but I don't know, and I don't think '39 was their senior year.

I sent an email to the guy at Keep In Touch network due to your suggestion, but after checking out the site I think they mostly deal with people that are alive like most of these other alumni type sites. People 80 and over, dead and alive kinda fall into the historical catagory. But heck, my neighbor lady across the street is 89 and I live with my mom who is 76. Not as big on computers as the younger people though.


-- Pamela Riek (, October 04, 2003.

i go to galileo high school im class off 2008 :\ 4 more years

-- (, March 11, 2004.

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