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I use DVD2SVCD to make SVCD from my DV films. I installed the dvcodec and canopus file converter. With Canopus I converted my DV avi files to Microsoft avi files. When I start the conversion in DVD2SVCD I get a message that the "avisource cannot find a suitable decompressor". I don't know what to do now. Does someone have a solution?

Another question: I want to make SVCD's from my camcorder DC films with DVD2SVCD. I can capture 19 minutes a time, because the file is then 4 GB big, the limit of Win98 that I use. I heared that the solution is that I have to divide my complete movie into several clips, all 4 GB big, and use a certain avisynth script in DVD2SVCD, so that the clips are used in the right order. This way I get around the 4 GB limit. I don't know how to program the script. Does someone have a tip?


-- Rob (rzuljar@yahoo.com), September 30, 2003



-- pintilie Mihai (celebropintiliemihai@yahoo.com), March 30, 2004.

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