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When i make a vcd using nero 5 or XP, the audio goes out of sync, this happens with any format of video? What can i do to fix it ????

-- Martin (, September 30, 2003


Well, don't make VCD with nero, don't make it at all. It happened to me as well Try to find NERO SVCD MPEG-2 plugin and make SUPER VCD which has much better quality of picture and sound.

I use Virtual dub to cut, or do what ever I wont with a movie, then run it thru TMPGenz to make SVCD and then just burn it with nero. DONT USE NERO TO CREATE SVCD OR VCD. IT IS NOT GOOD. Use TMPGenz to makeSVCD and them nero to burn it

TMPgenz gives U opportunity to reduce the bitrate so U can burn 85 minutes of a good quality movie onto a 700 MB media

good luck

email me if u need more help with virtual dub, tmpgenz or nero

-- Renegade (, October 07, 2003.

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