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Can anybody tell me what filetype a VCD or a SVCD could be , because I don't know what can i play on my VCD player

-- Zhivko Dimitrov Stoyanov (, September 29, 2003


VCD - MPEG-1 video, 1.115 Mbps constant bit rate 352x240 NTSC or 352x288 PAL resolution 224 Kpbs MPEG-1 layer II audio SVCD - MPEG-2 video, no more than 2.6 Mbps constant or variable bit rate are OK 480x480 NTSC or 480x576 PAL resolution MPEG-1 layer II audio or MPEG 5.1 audio are OK, bit rates up to 360 Kbps are permitted

VCD players rarely play SVCD because SVCD uses MPEG-2 video.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), September 30, 2003.

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