hey i have the biggest question......Pleeeeezzz help me out......if someone knos this ...they are a god

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Hey im miranda and i really love micheal but i cant figure out one of the names of his songs....i am making a micheals greatest hits cd and i am in need of this song because iknew when it came on i loved it.....anyways the music video consisted of micheal at a hollywood backlot....and he was running from the paparozzi in his black jacket with chrome buttons on it...all kinds of people were chasing after him.....and he hid in a costume room and he put on a rabbit head and then he went out and stole a motorcycle...from then on teh video was in claymation...so all these clay figures that were paparozzi were chasing after him ..but they had evil faces....the song is going on the whole tiem and its a great song.....finally he loses them and escapes into the desert....then he takes off the head of the rabbit and walks off but as he does that a mountain turns into the rabbit and winks at him laughingly......the thing that stays with me from his chasers is two over weight twins on little scooter bikes....anywayz if u can come up with this song i thank you it is impossible for me to figure out ....thank you

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2003


first of all....you obviously know nothing about the king of pop....he is a guy who is very misunderstood and has a lot of weird likes and interests like never land in his backyard..but none of that disputes the fact he is great singer and entertainer that has brought love and happiness to many of the peoples hearts of the world....to call micheal that makes u a jerk and very pig headed...you are obviously ignorant in the matter so dont waste your time on micheal jackson webpage if you hate the guy.....you try to make a joke of that whole thing and nobody laughs....GET A LIFE YOU JERK!!!!

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2003

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