what are some literay techniques Poe uses in "The Pit and the Pendulum"

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i am writing an essay on the story "the pit and the pendulum" and my teacher askes us to comment on the literary terms he uses in this story but problem is, is that i do not know what they are! so can you please help me ASAP!!! my paper is due tomm!! pease help!! thank so much!! megan

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2003


I've read the sory long ago but I still remember things about it.In this story the writer drives us to feel what the punished man has suffered,and it was like a slow death to increase the pain.He uses lots of adjectives discribing the events.Moreover,The writer let us feel,smell,hear & watch.So he puts our five senses in action to let this story seem a reality.We might touch high suspense along the events,& observe mystery & weirdness behind the lines.And what the writer wants us to know is how that time was filled with dictatoriety & humanity was neglegible.(I hope this explanation is satisfying) Yours,Loubna

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2003

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