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I have learned so much on this site, ive been able to get a good start....but here is my problem.

i am using toast titanium5 on mac OS9. toast recgonizes SOME MPGS, but not others. what is the difference & how can i convert them?

thank you!

-- norn cutson (, September 28, 2003


Hmmm...Interesting, Although I myself have never encountered this and I have made numerous VCDs, there might be something different from the encoding process, giving the mpeg file a different filetype, or creator code. The only thing I can suggest, is if you have Quicktime Pro, then try to export the clip again, selecting export to "toast video CD" and make sure you verify your options so that they conform to your area. Other than that, it seems more like a hit and miss! Good luck

-- Mike (, November 11, 2003.

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