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I've been looking around the whole world (including the official site of the product) but still unsure of something. I hope some one who have the software (DVD picture show) can advice me on this. I wanted to create a slide show with DVD picture show to be played on standalone VCD player. I wanted to be sure that weather this product allow us to add music to a slide show but do not convert the slide show into Mpeg file so long as I don't apply any transition. I understand that once we add transition to the slide show, it will be converted to Mpeg file. What about music? will it convert the slide show to Mpeg file once we add music to the slide show?

-- pc chai (cpc1225@tm.net.my), September 28, 2003


Take a look at Microsoft Plus! PhotoStory 2. I think it should do what you are looking for. I would be interested in your results.

Good luck!


-- Henry P. Tardif (Henry.Tardif@Thales-IFS.com), December 10, 2003.

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