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Dear Brothers and Sisters

Sorry to be out of touch for so long. Hurrican Fabian hit Bermuda Hard on September 5th and the cleaning up and repairs still have a ways to go. Close to 27,000 households or 80% of the population lost electricty but what was worse was the fact we have lost 4 lives in this storm. I do not recall lives lost in a Hurricane in over twenty years. We anticipate damage to reach $120 million with significant property damage.Restoration is going well with about 150 homes left to go on line.

Praise God my home was not damaged. Many beautiful trees are gone but thank God electricity is back and telephone lines. My prayers are for my Brothers and sisters who were hit on the east coast. Glad to hear Bro. Jazzman is O'K.

God Bless You All

Lover from Bermuda Keep us in prayer as we will be hit again tomorrow.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2003


Brother Brangman:

It is certainly good to hear from you. You have been missed and several inquiries have been made on this board asking if anyone has heard from you. God bless you and the Bermuda inhabitants. We pray for your safety and well being during the onslaught. God bless.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2003

Dear Bro. Brangman,

Since I am also a Bermudian, but living in USA, I tracked the hurricane and had the crew in my office praying on that Friday. I looked at the pictures that are posted on the Royal Gazette website and saw the destruction. Last night, I was able to attend prayer meeting and we had a special prayer for the family of the 4 lives that were lost. We will continue to pray.

God Bless.

Katherine Thompson

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2003

Good hearing from you Nalton. I got your email note. Be Strong and of good courage!! QED

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2003

Brother Brangman, I thank God that you are back on this forum. Many of us were worried about you and prayed for you. In Virginia, we are not accustomed to Hurricanes and although Isabel's 80 mph winds did substantial damage, they could have done even more if it had came though here at the original speed of 165 mph. I just thank God that although there were many trees which fell over powerlines and near homes that there was very little damage to most homes. It's good to have you back on this forum.


-- Anonymous, September 29, 2003

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